Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some Goals

I suppose if I want to motivate others I should lay out some goals for the world to see. I weighed in last week at 233lbs. We will see on Thursday how much I have lost this week. My best bet is 4lbs to 6 lbs. Since I have had some recently discovered thyroid problems my expectations are not very high, I would be happy with one pound.

I was on weight watchers for several months and lost some weight but then gained 12lbs. only to lose it when I had a virus for four weeks. After the virus I just started gaining again but they had discovered the hypothyroidism by then so I got on meds and weight has stayed steady since then.

Knowing that I have hypothyroidism and even on medication can have a very, very hard time losing weight I have been willing to try what seems like a drastic program like HMR.

I will try to post a groovy weight loss tracker visual on my site soon.

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