Monday, October 5, 2009

In the Begining

I am on Day Four of a medically supervised diet program that my doctor referred me to. So far so good. There are several sites I have found of others on this adventure and I thought it might motivate me to start my own little site.

I am a total foodie, love to cook and hate to diet so this should be interesting. The few things I have learned in my first weekly class have totally blown my mind. These people want me to eat MORE. That's right, as many shakes, cereal, soup - I can eat as many as I want. This was the first surprise and difference with every other plan I have ever been on. Then the guy tells me that most people don't change their habits around food. For example, if you are a late night eater, you will probably always be a late night eater so plan on it. Plan to have some soup or a shake late at night.

OK, that was new!

So I started on a Friday. I did my 10 minutes of walking, I drank my shakes, drank my soup, ate some cereal, had an entree. I made it. It was easier than I thought it would be. On Saturday I had to work on a charity event at a farm of all places. I ma de it through that too, we even went to Seaworld in the afternoon. I was able to do it with a chilled shake ready to go in my thermos. Then came Sunday. I have dieted enough to know that the third day is the hardest for me. If I can make it past three days I can go a long time. We were at home most of the day watching football and playing with our daughter. The day dragged on and I wanted to munch but once again, I made it. This thing really can be done.

On Thursday I find out how much weight I have lost in my first week. I am very excited about that and even more excited to learn more.

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