Monday, December 21, 2009

UGH!, Real Food and other stories

In an effort to stay focused on the box I stopped getting creative with my meal replacements the last few weeks. I did some fun stuff to get through Thanksgiving but I found I drank more shakes if I just mixed the Chocolate 500 with water and ice in a hand shaker and started chugging. That was working for a while but the last few weeks I have had days outside the box. Each day I have outside the box gets worse and worse and it becomes harder and harder to stop eating "real food". For some reason I just have not considered my meal replacements real food. This is probably not the best perspective since I feel best when I am in the box. So if you are new to the program - DO NOT GO OUT OF THE BOX - it is so hard to get back in, especially around the holidays, birthdays, weddings, parties, work - you know the stuff that happens ALL the TIME!

My weight is down which it probably would have been even more than where I started if I was not in the program so I will keep at it and keep letting you know how it goes. I am going to go call my counselor now.


  1. It sounds like you know whats going, but as you pointed out knowing doesn't always = doing. If you take a look at days when you went out of the box are those days where you did not make a plan? or made an incomplete plan? Did you have a backup plan? e.g. shake in a thermos, entree in the car glove box, bar in the purse. I work with an HMR Program in upstate New York and I've found that those individuals finding it hard to stay in the box just aren't planning well enough. Until you build good skills and momentum, consciously making a plan is VERY important.

  2. Thank you so much for the advice. My counselor here in San Diego had a similar chat with me and now I am rock'n it, the program that is. She is putting me on the Healthy Solutions plan after the holidays so I have this renewed sense of focus for the next two weeks.

    You are right, I did not plan but I also think deep down, I didn't want to plan in the moments I was out of the box last week. I have to stay focused on what I really want. Thank you! You all run a wonderful program. We had a visitor in our class last night from another part of the state.